Friday, 9 January 2009


It's up there!
Mark has a very small bittern perched on the end of his finger.......
OOP.. there it is!

Got a call from Mark around 11.30 saying a member of the public had reported a Bittern sat up a tree on the Lea Navigation by Springfield Marina! Surely bollocks says I. An hour later Iam watching a Bittern at crippling range. And yes, it is up a tree next to the Lea Navigation by Springfield Marina! What the............??!!
Amazing views were had of this strangely reptilian beauty as it sat about 20 feet up, right above our heads. The bird seemed completely unconcerned by people passing underneath to get to and from their boats. It's only worries seemed to be the occasional harrassment by crow, gull and....... pied wagtail! What a bird! What the fuck!???


mark said...

beautifully summed up Paul! what the f*** indeed....!

Fraser Simpson said...

Great post! I guess birds can do strange things in cold weather.